1. The Church in Shifting Times: Past 2000 Years - Dr. Kyle Jantzen

Category : District Conference 2021
May 18, 2021 at 11:51 a.m. MDT

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The Church in Shifting Times: Past, Present, and Future

Supplementary PDF: History of Christian Shifts

Dr. Kyle Jantzen, PhD, is the Dean of Arts and Science at Ambrose University. Kyle teaches European history and church history, specializing in the Protestant Reformation, Nazi Germany, and the history of genocide and mass violence. He is a graduate of Capernwray (Bodenseehof), the University of Saskatchewan (BA, MA), and McGill University (PhD). Kyle is author of the book Faith and Fatherland: Parish Politics in Hitler's Germany and a variety of book chapters and journal articles on the German churches in the Nazi era and North American Christian responses to the Nazi persecution of the Jews. He is also the managing editor of the open-access electronic journal Contemporary Church History Quarterly, which focuses on German religious history in the twentieth century. Kyle and his wife Colleen have been lay leaders at various Alliance churches in Saskatchewan and Alberta, most recently at High River Alliance. They have four adult children (three married, one engaged) and three lovely granddaughters. Kyle preaches regularly, both in High River and in other churches in Alberta.